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Cellulite is a common cosmetic problem. Typically, it consists of the position of fat tissue under the skin that distorts the appearance of surrounding connective tissue giving it a great degree of skin ‘dimpling’.

These days, cellulite is looked upon as being unsightly and therefore many individuals seek treatment to improve their cosmetic appearance.

Cellulite occurs due to a number of different causes. While a detailed discussion is out of the scope of this article, it is worthwhile noting that it can occur due to poor dieting, lack of exercise, increase in overall body fat content and hormonal changes. It is often more evident in light-coloured skin than in dark coloured ones.

We shall take a look at the different cellulite treatments available.

1. Dietary supplements

One of the most important aspects of managing cellulite is to alter one’s diet. Firstly, it is important to recognise that dietary supplements are often not recognised by the FDA. This means that their use is often backed by anecdotal evidence and from reports by other people who have used the supplements.

There are a number of different dietary supplements such as clover, evening primrose oil and fish oils that claim to help enhance metabolism within the body and help burn fat. The eventual result is a reduction in the overall levels of body fat and subsequently the reduction in the amount of cellulite.

Before taking any form of supplements, it is essential to pay and visit your doctor to ensure that it is safe to take them.

2. Dietary modifications

Cellulite is fat tissue. Reducing body fat can help reduce the amount of cellulite. Dietary changes form an important part of reducing overall body fat. Reducing the amount of fried foods, chocolates, biscuits and sweets can help bring down overall fat levels and reduce cellulite.

3. Methylxanthine creams

Methylxanthines include chemicals such as caffeine and theophylline. These chemicals have been shown to help reduce fat levels by promoting the breakdown of fat.

They are available in the form of creams and ointments that can be applied locally to the skin. While some patients do notice benefits from applying these creams, not everybody gets the same results.

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that backs these positive effects. In fact, patients who have problems with circulation may find it difficult to use these creams particularly because they have the propensity to cause a narrowing of the blood vessels and dehydration of the skin.

Some patients may develop allergic reactions as well. In the event of any of these occurring, it is essential that a physician’s advice be sought.

Topical retinol cream (0.3%) has been shown to help reduce the amount of cellulite if used regularly for six months.

4. Laser therapy

This form of treatment is FDA approved to manage cellulite. While they can be expensive, results have so far been quite promising. The laser device is inserted under the skin and moved around in the surrounding tissues. The laser helps break down fat and a suction device is then used to suck any broken down fat.

The video below demonstrates laser treatment of cellulite:

In addition to this, it can also break the connective tissue strands that interlaced the fat tissue in the area where cellulite is present. By breaking down the strands, it stimulates the production of new collagen which appears a lot smoother.

Often, laser therapy is combined with local massage therapy to help augment the effect.

5. Massage therapy

Massage therapy is only a temporary solution to manage cellulite. In order to get rid of cellulite completely, it is essential to lose fat. However, massage therapy only helps loosen the fat but does not get rid of it or reduce the amount that is present under the skin.

It only reshapes the skin so that it looks a lot smoother and the effects only last a short while.

The video below demonstrates how massage therapy can help.

6. Mesotherapy

This is a special form of treatment where a combination of different substances is injected in the area just below the skin. The substances include amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins that all promote the breakdown of fat. While the procedure may have certain benefits of reducing the amount of cellulite, it is accompanied by certain risks as well.

As the procedure is invasive, there is always a risk of introducing infection under the skin. This may require antibiotic treatment. At the site of the procedure, patients may notice a small amount of swelling which often passes after a few days. In some cases, the final result is not what was expected and irregularities under the skin may still remain.

The video below demonstrates how mesotherapy works.

7. Liposuction

Some patients may opt to undergo liposuction to remove cellulite. However it is important to bear in mind that liposuction often removals fat tissue that is deeper under the skin rather than the cellulite that is superficially located. It is believed that liposuction is probably not beneficial in managing cellulite and can in fact make it worse.

8. Exercise treatment

It is a well-known fact that exercises helps lose weight and burn fat. In fact, amongst all the tests and procedures listed above, exercise probably would work the best as it has been proven time and time again the reduced overall body fat. Exercises can include moderate intensity aerobics, swimming, cycling and jogging.

All these exercise the muscles in the leg and in the rest of the body and help burn fat. If you are looking to lose cellulite through dietary measures then it is essential that you also follow a strict exercise program.

Cellulite can be a cost medically unpleasant thing to have. Our current press depicts cellulite as an unsightly aspect of human anatomy. However, there are a number of different treatments that are now available that can help treat cellulite by burning the fact that is deposited in the subcutaneous tissues.

Some of them work while some of them do not. Diet and exercise are excellent ways of ensuring that overall fat levels reduce. Laser treatments have also been shown to be very effective.

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